2019 Youth of the Year Showcase

On Saturday, November 2nd, three accomplished teens—Dayanara R. Vincent M., and Scarlett A. —competed for the title of Youth of the Year for the Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club.

75 % of adults are scared of public speaking, but these three phenomenal teens aren’t. The competition entailed the three nominees sitting down for individual interviews with a panel of eight judges before giving speeches to a packed audience about an issue they felt needed addressing in their community. 

After being nominated this past May, Dayanara, Vincent, and Scarlett prepared for months. They were paired with coaches from the community and attended speech workshops to strengthen their public speaking skills.

"It's been amazing. I've met so many people that I wouldn't otherwise have met,” said Vincent, describing the process.

"We are really lucky to have great kids. These three have just been stellar. Two of the candidates have been with us for all twelve years and the other has been with us for seven years. They have ideas—they are idea kids. They should have the opportunity to share them with everybody,” said Evan Jones, Executive Director.

When it came time for the speeches, the three candidates discussed issues such as the school-to-prison pipeline and how leadership should be defined.

“I’m super excited to give my speech. We’ve been preparing for this for a very long time,” said Scarlett before she gave her talk. Scarlett’s speech drew on personal anecdotes to discuss the importance of combating internalized oppression.

After giving speeches, our judges deliberated and ultimately awarded Scarlett as the 2019 MPBGC Youth of the Year. Congratulations to all our members on all their hard work throughout the entire process. Each of the members received a scholarship courtesy of Bob and Rita DeLue toward advancing their education. 

This event was a huge success and continues to create a positive impact for our members due to community support. Together, we make Great Futures happen.

Special thanks to our community partners who helped our members along the way:

Our generous donors: Bob and Rita DeLue

Our judges: Tim Matthews, Kevin Cullinane, Ann Keighran, Deepak Chandrasekaran, Greg Vaughan, Terri Butler, Emily Matthews, Chris Di Cesare, and Doug Dennerline

Our coaches: Donna and Eric Colson, Beverly Picado, Molly Dillon, Lauren Barranti, and Ricardo Ortiz

Our members, their families, and staff for all the hard work leading up to the event.

We were able to capture the magic happening that night. To see more photos, be sure to follow us on Facebook.

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