Girls Who Code Members Visit Charles Schwab Office in San Francisco

Girls Who Code members at the Dore Clubhouse visited the Charles Schwab office in Downtown San Francisco on Thursday, June 13, 2019 for career exploration. The girls visited the Charles Schwab office to strengthen their analytical, computer and engineering skills. They were able to explore and see first-hand what it takes to have a career in finance and technology.

While visiting the office girls experimented with M&M candies to apply mathematics processes such as mean, median, and mode. The girls learned that these math calculations are a part of analyzing data and can be applied to multiple careers.

The girls also got to learn about computer engineering, teaching a computer program to detect names that start with the letter “A.” Girls were also able to design an ideal backpack for their everyday use. Some made them with wings, wifi, and more. The girls shared their designs with each other.

After all the activities girls were able to have a panel with some of the employees at Charles Schwab. This allowed the girls to ask questions about working at Charles Schwab like, “what is their favorite part of the job,” “how do they work as a team,” and “what are some challenges they face?” The girls learned a lot and had a lot of fun. Thank you to our tour guides and representatives from Charles Schwab for teaching our girls practical life skills and giving insight into their own careers. The Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club appreciates your efforts in working with us to bring quality education and experience to our members.

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