IQVIA Hosts STEM Event with the Dore Clubhouse

IQVIA team members hosted a STEM event with members of the Dore Clubhouse (San Mateo). 

The groups were tasked with creating a Team Banner where they created team names, logo, and designed and colored a crest. The groups then presented their Banner to the rest of the group and were able to practice their presentation and public speaking skills. 

During the second half of the day the groups were given a Science Kit where they needed to follow the directions as a team and build/test/create whatever was inside. There were groups that made harmonica's, flying noise makers, and fizzy rockets!

The groups experimented with using their materials given using their creativity,  ingenuity, and deductive reasoning skills. Overall the groups had a lot of fun experimenting and meeting new adults that will hopefully be returning to volunteer in a variety of activities with our members during the school year and summer. 

More photos here.

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