Keystone and Youth of the Year Nominees Visit University of San Francsico

On Thursday, June 13, 2019 the Mid-Peninsula Boys and Girls Club Teens from across our 5 clubhouses took a tour of the University of San Francisco and participated in an activity in the Simulation Lab where they gained a "hands-on aspect of their teaching", Vincent Martinez (11th grade, Crystal Springs High School, DeLue Clubhouse). Learning about the various classrooms and teaching methods for medical professionals. Some of our Youth of the Year nominees, Vincent Martinez, Dayanara Rodriguez (DeLue Clubhouse), and Gabe Stovall (Millbrae Community Youth Center Clubhouse), participated in the field trip shared their thoughts and reflections from the day.

According to Martinez, he "loved their modeling of the classroom and lab to represent an actual hospital to make the situation appear much more realistic. I found the fact that they had peers watching each other behind a one-way mirror to be ingenious as it did a great job of giving the rush of nervousness and anxiety that happens in a real-world hospital." For other members, the experience helped to reaffirm their interest in pursuing the medical field, "this experience helped me know that I actually like medicine and want to do something in that field...the pressure of having a patient in your hands, the confidence you gain from doing it to stimulation dolls, and knowing that the medical field is what I want to major in." Karima Aucar (11th, Jefferson High School, DeLue Clubhouse). Gabe Stovall felt hands on practice is a must in the medical profession, “Being able to learn by being involved is one of my favorite ways to learn because I find it that you can read a book and have a general idea but until you have practiced how to handle the situation you still aren’t prepared enough.” This field trip proved to not only be fun but educational for our members. Dayanara Rodriguez learned that, “It is important that teens can see themselves in positions to better their lives through education.” This trip to USF opened the eyes and minds of youth, getting them excited for a future of higher education and possible careers in the STEM fields. They finished their field trip day with lunch in Japantown.

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