Lesson Collaboration with Odessey Middle School!

On 1/23/2020, 25 of Odessey Middle School's students arrived at the Dore clubhouse to put together activity kits for our members!

The students designing prototypes and tested each project by being inquisitive, creative, and collaborative. In addition, they made sure to have clear and thorough instructions for each activity so our staff and members could fully engage with the activities! In two hours, the students packed a total of 60 kits of outdoor DIY activities and 30 kits of expressionist art kits! Our staff and members look forward to setting off the balloon rockets, dropping the parachutes, and creating a new style of artwork!

We want to give thanks to Odessey's students who took the projects seriously and overcame many obstacles while designing and assembling the kits. We hope to see these students and have their great energy at the Club again soon!

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