Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club Visits Oracle

The teens had a great time and left Oracle having a better understanding of who the company is and what the company does. Our members' only knowledge of Oracle is the Oracle Arena, but they soon came to realize how the company impacts other industries. Elevating the activity to a technical level has empowered the teens and made the reality of a career with a large company an even more tangible prospect in their minds.

Three major takeaways from our members:

  • Networking and working in collaboratively in teams with people they do not know

  • The opportunity to experience doing work in the real world, something they feel is not traditionally taught in schools. They felt that the activity today was applicable to their future.

  • Have an open mind and be open to new experiences. Some of the members did not know what to expect today and walked away feeling empowered.

Member Moments:

"I learned how to identify who to target and how to interact in a group as our group activity encouraged us to interact with each other and work with people that we didn't know before"

- Andrew Y.

"I learned how to do a presentation that answers all the questions for the audience and is cohesive and coherent"

- Dearell C.

Thank you so much Oracle for this fun and incredible opportunity!

View more photos here.



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