MPBGC 2020 Census Art Contest Recap!

The Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club launched the 2020 Census Art Contest in late January as part of the organization's overarching initiative to ensure Everyone Counts!

We coordinated with public and private schools throughout San Mateo County to recruit young artists to take part in the contest. Many art teachers and principals were excited! As a result, on the final submission day, we received a total of 24 pieces of artwork from both categories!

As part of the plan to outreach to the hard-to-count groups and showcase the artworks, we contacted Millbrae Public Library, South San Francisco Library, LiveMoves, MidPen Housing, and other local organizations to schedule popular voting galleries at locations where members of the hard-to-count groups receive services.

Unfortunately, due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, most showcases were canceled for safety reasons. Fortunately, we were still able to host a judging session for the high school category! Our volunteer judgest carefully consider each artwork's technique, message, narrative, and overall quality and score them individually. Of course, we practiced social distancing while hosting this judging session!

In response to the drastic changes in Club closure and event cancellation, we turned the obstacle into an opportunity and built an online gallery to continue engaging with our audience and supporters. After a series of voting and judging, we announced the winners! Check out their work and narratives at our gallery!

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