MPBGC Members Attended Feminism Conference at Nueva School

Our teens kicked off women's history month by attending the Nueva School: Feminism Conference themed "Women in the Workplace".

Our members learned more about how feminism shows up in the workplace, the different ways women are held to a different standard in the workplace, and how culture plays a role in the way women grow up and grow into their respective industries.

They learned that there are "many ways to describe feminism and that many women have similar struggles in their lifetime", Sanna S. (10th grade). Teens also explored how the common culture in America and the culture we experience at home impacts how young women and girls perceive themselves.

Here are some more quotes from our members after today's field trip:

"I think that our culture should ignore the box of standards for gender roles and start realizing that not all girls want to be the less superior gender. Today's trip was important because we have a better understanding of what it's like to go through the struggles and still make it." Sanna S. (10th grade).

"Many things designed for young girls is pink. Many girls and women’s clothes and accessories are pink. Girls are expected to be feminine and many are taught and cultured into cooking and cleaning. Formal attire for females typically includes a dress and makeup, anything less is deemed inappropriate or informal." (Alex V., 7th grade)

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