New Heating System at the Dore Clubhouse

Thank You Club Donors & Supporters!

We have one thing to say to our donors and supporters: For years, our Dore Clubhouse in San Mateo struggled to meet the basic need of a warm place for our staff, volunteers and most importantly our Club kids. The cold temperatures throughout the winter and early spring seasons made it challenging to maintain a productive environment not only for our staff, but for our club members as well. Staying focused can be a struggle for young kids in general, now add an inadequate environment and it becomes nearly impossible. Our staff at the Dore Clubhouse had exhausted their efforts in trying to create and maintain a suitable environment for our kids, from using a plethora of area heaters, to providing blankets on the harshest winter days.

Earlier last month, we've finally restored our new heating system to help keep us warm throughout the winter! Our members are no longer constricted by the layers upon layers of clothing they had to wear simply to keep warm. Instead, they walk in to a warm, cozy room ready to get a start on their homework, but not before they indulge in a quick game of foosball, which they now have the mobility to do.

Warm and thankful, we are all ready to tackle the remainder of April’s showers, and are fully equipped to stay warm for many cold, windy winters in the future!

Your generous donation has led to:

  1. A newly restored heating system throughout the entire Clubhouse

  2. An enhanced environment supporting academic success, healthy lifestyles, and good character & citizenship

  3. Loads of smiles from happy children, teens, and staff!

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