Oracle Career Exploration Day

Teens from the organization were busy this summer. They took a field trip to Oracle in Redwood City on August 8, 2019. At Oracle, teens spoke to different representatives of different organizations and learned more about their mission, what their job is at the organization, and what their major was in college. The teens took a tour of Oracle, learned fun facts about the architecture and culture, and was exposed to the insides of how it is to work in their offices.

During this experience, teens learned about the role of research in giving back to the community and how Oracle creates community at the workplace. Research allows us to make better quality products, projects, and experiences. Teen learned that money is not the singular measure of success, sometimes success is more out the process and experience- "there is more worth it than use the money".

Additionally, teens learned about the hiring process and retention of employees at Oracle. We learned about the efforts Oracle has put forth to create a more positive, productive, and mindful work environment to give back to the community.

"In the project, my peers and I did we said that it is important for Oracle to know our worth and treat us well. I enjoyed the idea of 40 Paid community service hours. I loved the random little things they do for their employees such as dentist trucks. I was shocked by how many people at Oracle love their job and how passionate they are and I like an environment where everyone loves what they are doing and can be more productive that way. I also noticed the desk where you can stand and do work or sit and do work I bought that was a good idea." (Scarlett, Senior a Mercy Burlingame High School)

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