Saturday Enrichment Program - Pilot Day 1!

On 10/12, Mid-Peninsula Boys & Girls Club launched the Saturday Enrichment Program! We opened the Club for a small cohort of members and invited a few passionate community volunteers to provide opportunities that are often challenging to fit into our weekday schedules.

We started off with a dance class. Lucy, a local dance teacher, and her student, Michael, lead warm-ups, dance routines, and fun activities to keep our members moving! After lunchtime, Jennifer, a local science teacher brought materials for several weather-themed science experiments! We started off with a small demonstration of how temperature differences create wind; then, everyone got to create a cloud by pumping air to a plastic bottle; Finally, with some boiling water and ballons, members learned about different states of water during the water cycle.

With the support we receive from parents, community volunteers, and local professionals, we hope to continue opening the Club up on Saturdays and to continue offering in-depth, professional programs with a small instructer-to-member ratio in the future.

Our next Saturday Enrichment Program Pilot Day is on 11/16, and you are invited! We currently plan to have the following programs: Dance, Baking, Science Experiment, and Decorate the Club!

For inquiries regarding the Saturday Enrichment Program, please contact Christine Yang at!

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