Saturday Enrichment Program with SMHS's Kids Help Kids Club

On 1/18/2020, our first Saturday Enrichment Program kicked off with a great team of teen volunteers and members from all of the communities we serve!

Our January theme is New Year. Specifically, we are encouraging our members to keep an open mind and learn about Lunar New Year, which is celebrated by a vast population of multiple countries and cultures. Thanks to the members of San Mateo High School's Kids Help Kids Club, we had a great Saturday to bring in more fun to celebrate! First, we ask our members to reflect and write down resolutions for 2020. Then, our members spend time in bracelet making, drawing, or origami art! After a delicious lunch of Chinese food, our members enjoy some cookie decoration and seltzer rocket (in place of firecrackers and firework!) fun!

The day was packed with fun and laughter, and most importantly, lots of love and support from the teens of our community. We cannot thank the Kids Help Kids Club enough for an amazing day!

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