Teens attend 49ers Training Camp

Teens from across the organization spent the day at the 49ers Training Camp Day at Levis Stadium in Santa Clara getting signatures, bonding, and exploring the world of professional football. Teens observed the different roles and responsibilities people had both on the field and off the field. While watching the 49ers practice, we noticed the photographers, coaches, trainers, crowd control staff, sales, and additional support staff stationed across the field.

Teens learned about the growth of women in the sports industry, the difference between sports management and business, the role of marketing in sports, education, and the level of dedication necessary to be successful in the sports industry.

"Whenever pressure and stress build-up from work or school, quitting and giving up can often feel like it is the easiest solution to all your problems. We must always remember our goals and why we’re in this position in the first place. There will be ups and downs on our road to achievement, but it’s important we understand these struggles and push through it for it will allow us to be even greater. " Taylor (Sophomore, Mills High School)

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