Teens Host a Census Showcase

July 22, 2019 - DeLue Clubhouse

Our teens worked together to present what they learned and accomplished this summer in the Census program. The teens range from incoming freshmen to rising juniors at public and private schools throughout the Peninsula. They found common ground at the Club and grew into a close cohort of young advocates. Because of the relationships gained, the teens made the best of each Census session so there was never a dull moment! Teens showed confidence in presenting their information and answering questions from the audience.

After the presentation, teens dispersed into the room to talk about the different activities and exercises they did during the program. Teens talked about:

- The purpose of the program and goals teens have for recruiting peers into the cause.

- Social Media to identify trends and themes teens follow

- What time of day people check their social media the most so they know when to post content about the Census.

- Public speaking and role-playing exercises to prepare them to talk with community stakeholders.

- Angel Island Immigration Station experience and teen bonding moments with the group

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